Full Day Excursion to Matera from Bari

Tastings of the European Capital of Culture

With us in a private bus from Bari

Full day excursion


Price  € 50 per person



Matera: tastings of the European Capital of Culture 


With us in a private bus from Bari to Matera, a full day excursion of the “Sassi”, with lunch







We meet in Bari, at Largo 2 Giugno (Trony side) and we leave at 8.30 a.m. for the city of “Sassi”, UNESCO World Heritage, designated as the future European Capital of Culture in 2019.


We will be there in one hour. The guided tour starts from PiazzettaPascoli, close Palazzo Lanfranchi (headquarter of the Carlo Levi Foundation, hosting numerous paintings of the sculptor-writer who sojourned in Aliano, a little district of Matera, during the fascism period). Here we meet the guide who will lead us to find out the beauties of the city.

After having admired and took pictures of the “Sasso Caveoso” landscape from the Belvedere we will run down through the suggestive alleys of the Sasso Caveoso towards Piazza S. Pietro Caveoso.


From here we will go on with the visit of some suggestive sites: the S.S. Pietro and Paolo church, clung to the right side of the gravina, which preserves finds of remarkable worth and beauty; the rocky churches of Madonna de Idris and San Giovanni in Monterrone, dug in a rock erects among houses, called Monterrone. Here it is possible to admire some frescos of remarkable beauty still well preserved.


Not far away there is the rocky church of Santa Lucia alle Malve, hosting frescos of the XII and XV century, excellently kept, and the Casa Grotta, which reproduces in every details the typical house inhabited by the farmers till the half of the XX century furnished with tools of daily use. 


At the end of this itinerary we will go up to the “piano”,  to Piazza Vittorio Veneto for a typical Lucanian lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a panoramic terrace over the Sasso Baresano. 



After the lunch, the guide will lead us in a walk along the typical streets of the “piano” to Piazzo Duomo (visit not allowed for restoration works) where it is possible to enjoy an unmissable view of the Sasso Baresano. We can admire the wonderful façade of the Duomo built in the XIII century with its magnificent rose window.

After we can visit the “Palombaro lungo”, an enormous rainwater cistern that in past served the entire city, today still usable.

Before the departure for Bari, we will have free time for a walk along the suggestive alleys. 


Expected arrival at 8.00 p.m.



Lunch in a restaurant with a stunning view over the "Sassi"

Discovering the Lucanian gastronomy 


Capuntini with wild mushrooms called cardoncelli and pezzente sausage on a bed of chickling and fried onion mashed

Calzone stuffed with sweet ricotta and cinnamon with skins of almonds in a mixed meat sauce


Chopping board of typical Lucanian cold cuts and cheeses (caciocavallo podolico, pecorino of Moliterno, cow ricotta, Lucanian sausage, Lucanian capocollo)


Crapriata of typical beans ( wheats, black garbanzo beans, various beans, fava beans…) with salted codfish


Baked potatoes with onions, peppers bran of Senise

Terrine of baked thistles

Tarts with custard, puff pastry with caramelized almonds, almond  patisserie


Aglianico of Venosa 14º vol, mineral water, coffee.



Price per person: 50 euro

Price per children:  40 euro


Entrance to the sites excluded, about 10 euro per adult


Price includes:

-transportation with private bus (minimum 30 participants) from Bari round trip

-full day excursion

-lunch, beverages included






the European Capital of Culture 2019

Beyond the obvious and general satisfaction of the entire Italy and in particular of Basilcata for the happy verdict of Matera as European Capital of Culture 2019 , what strikes is the identification of  Matera as an evocative place of a system of life thatoday we would define ecologically sustainable.

It was already surprising that Unesco chose this extraordinary agglomeration as the first site of Southern human heritage. It was not so easy defining and accepting, in the Italian reality composed by Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque historical centres, a context in which the predominant element is the stratification of ages, from the sober palaces to the rocky architecture. What strikes is the courage of choosing an architectonical reality that is not obvious, not coated but unique, refined and at the same time rude, monolithic and monochromatic, not equipped with well known monuments but it is itself an exceptional monument.

Matera, the Stone Town, and in particular the Sassi districts, are the perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature; rather architecture that becomes sculpture as Unesco said: “The balance between human intervention and the ecosystem shows a continuity for over nine millennium , during which part of the settlement cut into the rocks were gradually adapted in relation to the growing needs of the inhabitants”.

This ancient town, before Greek and than Roman, fortunately underwent few tampering; rather in the Sassi area there are proofs of right balance between conservation and innovation , and it is hoped that this trend will continue.

It is very important the presence and the passage of some intellectuals such as Manlio Rossi Doria, Umberto Zanotti Bianco, Giustino Fortunato, Zanardelli and one of the father of the modern city planning Luigi Piccinato who signed the “Piano Regolatore”, without forgetting Carlo Levi who was the first one who focus the attention on the degrading condition of the poorest part of the city. Indeed after Levi’s complaint, in the 30’s it was launched an ambitious plan called “Per la Più Grande Matera” which saw important public works including the hygienic reconditioning.

A burning debate has always animated this city suspended between the label of national shame and that of Unesco heritage up to the European city of culture. Matera, the Stone City, is matter that becomes art, poverty that becomes wealth and beauty , disadvantage that is transformed into opportunity. This is the message that will be spread to all Europe.

Source: http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2014/10/22/matera-la-citta-di-pietra-potrebbe-traformarsi-in-unopportunita/1163473/


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